Founding Partner:  Gary Youinou is the founder of
KnowYourCountry. With over 35 years experience in the
offshore financial industry, including directorships on
companies listed on various stock exchanges, several
large alternative investment funds, and the largest
registrar company in the Channel Islands, Gary has an
extensive knowledge of financial, banking and compliance
procedures. He has also travelled in many of the deemed
'high-risk' countries.

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Development Partner:  Faisal is the managing director
of advisory, a boutique compliance and aml
consultancy practice. Faisal has occupied executive
positions at bitcoin, e-wallet, and payments companies.
He has also advised fintech startups, MSBs, and FI's on
managing effective compliance and supervision programs
when onboarding non traditional financial services. As a
certified anti-money laundering specialist (CAMS), he is
most excited about the  operational and practical
components of the compliance program. Faisal is also the
development partner of, a global
AML country risk index and assessment guide.

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