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Please find below Partners that we have built a strategic alliance with. If you see synergy between your project and ours, then please Contact us and
we can discuss your ideas to see how we can develop a relationship together.  
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KYC Worldwide provides an outsourced KYC risk verification service to financial services businesses
and DNFBP’s wishing to onboard new customers or undertake a review of their existing customers
combined with ongoing monitoring of each customer for the life of the clients business relationship.

The KYC Worldwide service utilises advanced database search technologies and secure dedicated data
room technology combined with the expertise of fully qualified compliance professionals to deliver fully
auditable CDD and risk verification.

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Sator Regulatory Consulting offers international standard setters, regulatory authorities, financial
services businesses and the DNFBP/NPO sector reviews, investigation, advisory and assessment
assistance, or an additional resource on a consultancy basis.

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